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Wonderful Indonesia, Manado –

What to do in Manado

Some of the activities that you can do in Sulawesi-Manado.

About Minahasa - Manado

North Sulawesia - Manado

Manado is the provincial capital of North Sulawesi, the second largest city on the island of Sulawesi after Makassar and with its approximately 450,000 citizens.

Most of the population is Christian. In the city you will find a huge amount of churches, more than 250 churches. North Sulawesi has on one side the Celebes Sea where the breathtaking underwater landscape is located (the Marine national park of Bunaken, Manado Tua) and on the other hand the Minahasa where you can see the beautiful, wonderful nature and mountain panorama. The Minahasa district is the hinterland of Manado.

The local population is known for their warm hospitality, kindness, cheerfulness but also the delicious cuisine and the unique authentic culture. In the last two decades tourism activities have grown significantly. but Manado also utilizes its natural splendors as a backdrop for meetings and conventions that come complete with improved access roads and expanded Airport.

In 2008, Manado hosted the World Ocean Conference, a prestigious international event that confirmed Manado not only as a world class diving destination but also as the center for marine science research. The event also marks Manado as one of Indonesia’s MICE destinations.


In 1500 the Portuguese arrived in Indonesia and discovered the island of Ternate and they were followed by the Spaniards and in the year 1595 by the Dutch.

In the year 1617 the Spaniards built a fortress in Manado but the local chiefs of Manado were not happy with the Spaniards. In 1643 the local chiefs of Manado asked the Dutch if they can do something. So in cooperation with the Dutch they driven out the Spaniards.

Manado became an important Centre for the Dutch. Manado is part of the Minahasa. Different tribes at Minahasa were united by the Dutch.

The Minahasa was into the Dutch state as the 12th province.

The Minahassers helped the Dutch at riots on Java and other Indonesian islands. This was not accepted by Indonesia.

Manado was destroyed several times in and after 1844, first by a volcanic eruption in 1845. Followed by bombing by the Japanese in the second world war and by the Central Government of Java in 1958. In the year of 1967 North Sulawesi flourished under the "guided democracy" of the new order of President Suharto.

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